Our program

Polish Core Curriculum of the Ministry of National Education - Preparing children for Polish primary school. We provide the full range of education provided by the Ministry of National Education.

British Curriculum - Preparing children for an English-speaking primary school based on Macmillan Education textbooks 

British Council - Learning time with Timmy program - Preparing children to start education in English-speaking schools. Little Academy in Poland has the exclusive right to run the Learning Time with Timmy program, which is run in over seventy countries around the world.

Friendly teachers, healthy food prepared by us and an effective educational program.

Zajęcia gotowania w przedszkolu na Żoliborzu​

Our Little Discovery program

Awakening in children an interest in the world, science and surrounding phenomena through experiences and experiments, e.g.

A new plant - cocoa beans

We show what cocoa beans look like, grind them in a mortar, test their different flavors, make melted chocolate out of them, pour it into a dish, decorate them with dried fruit and nuts.

New fact - skin colours

We paint children's faces in black, white, yellow, red, we show pictures of people with different skin colours. We show on the globe where these people live. Then we paint the eggs in different colours, break them and show that each one is the same inside. The teacher explains to the children that they may differ in skin colour, but inside we are the same.

A new phenomenon - states of aggregation of water

We show how snow melts, we make an experiment how ice dissolves in a warm view, and then we show children how water condenses from water vapor.


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