Wilanów Nursery and Language Kindergarten

In our kindergarten multiculturalism is evident at first glance.... Most of our children come from foreign families (embassies, expats). Teachers came from different parts of the world, religions, cultural circles, have different skin colors. We are very proud of this:-) The kindergarten has 4 spacious, well-lit rooms. Children stay in beautiful, natural interiors (linen, wood, wicker), in friendly, natural, calm colors, which promotes their development and concentration. Our Toddlers spend a minimum of an hour outdoors every day, whether in the adjacent garden or on nearby playgrounds to which our bus takes them. What our parents especially appreciate is our own kitchen and tasty meals prepared by us.


ul. Sarmacka 12F
02-972 Warszawa – Miasteczko

tel.: +48 517 777 121


We offer our pupils both nursery and kindergarten care.

Nursery division:

  • Birth year2020, 2021 (from 15-18 months of age)
  • Group size max. 16 children.
  • Tutors are Native Speakers who do not speak Polish

Preschool division:

  • Birth years 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • Group size max. 18 children
  • Tutors are Native Speakers who do not speak Polish
  • Polish language for half an hour a day led by a Polish teacher
  • British Council teacher - as an additional teacher
  • Core curricula: British Curriculum Base, Polish Curriculum Base, British Council Program Learning Time with Timmy
  • Przygotowanie do szkoły podstawowej zgodnie z deklaracją rodziców: anglojęzycznej, polskiej


Director of the Kindergarten

Wilanów language kindergarten

Przez kilka ostatnich lat pracowałam w British Council, jestem metodykiem, pedagogiem, doświadczonym nauczycielem języka angielskiego (Certyfikat Advanced), ukończyłam studia podyplomowe z Zarządzania w oświacie. Doświadczenie zawodowe w zakresie szkoleń, nauczania i administracji zdobywałam w firmach międzynarodowych w Polsce i w Portugalii.


British Council teacher

The English-speaking kindergarten Wilanów

Hello, I’m Katarzyna and I am very happy to be teaching your children this semester. I completed my teaching qualifications in Poland and worked both in state schools and language schools. I have taught adults, teens as well as young learners. In the summer I teach in the UK.

I‘m very open and talkative therefore, helping students develop confidence in speaking English is one of my favourite goals. I love using games in the classroom.

When I‘m not teaching I love singing and listening to music.