About us

Little Academy's mission is to use the natural language skills of children. Only in preschool age your toddler can learn a language so quickly, intuitively, and contextually, without absorbing grammar theory.

Stosowana przez nas metodyka udoskonalana jest od wielu lat i stosowana w kilkudziesięciu krajach. Program został stworzony specjalnie z myślą o najmłodszych w wieku 2-6 lat. Za sprawą partnerstwa z największym światowym autorytetem w dziedzinie nauczania języka angielskiego masz pewność że Twoje Dziecko nauczy się języka już w przedszkolu.

If you want your child to continue his education in a Polish, bilingual, or English-speaking school, our facility will be the perfect place for him. We will prepare your child so that the entry into Polish or English-speaking education will be easy for him.

Our native speakers will be with your child all day long, ensuring permanent English-language communication. We also implement the Polish core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education daily. All our Little Graduates also enter Polish schools (including those with entrance exams).

You are what you eat - healthy products and Little Academy kindergarten's own kitchen.

Healthy meals are our highest goal.

Food served to our little ones is based on high-quality products served a few moments after preparation. If we serve yoghurt, it is natural yoghurt with mixed fruit (not a product from the store), if we serve dough, we prepare it ourselves with a 1-day shelf life. Cook the soup on the turkey, not on the chicken.

Our menu is rich in fruit and vegetables, meat is served up to three times a week. The basis of the meals are cereals, rice, we do not use sugar or any artificial flavour enhancers or processed products.

We regularly introduce children to the principles of healthy eating during culinary workshops and teach them why it is worth to eat healthy.


  • Implementation of the Polish Core Curriculum of the Ministry of National Education - preparing children to start education in Polish primary schools
  • Implementation of the British Council Learning Time with Timmy Curriculum - preparing children to start education in an English primary schools (American School, British School, Canadian School)
  • Implementation of elements of Montessori Pedagogy as part of the original Little Discovery Program - awakening children's interest in science, the world, and surrounding phenomena through practical experiences and experiments
  • Taking care of children and their safety.
  • Bringing the child's psychophysical development to a level that allows them to start education at school.


  • The highest goal is the best interest and wellbeing of the child.
  • Supporting the child's individual development using its innate abilities.
  • Raising children who are bold, self-confident, and open to change.
  • Shaping the child's attitudes towards other people, the world and life.
  • Shaping emotional intelligence:
    - recognizing and naming one's own and others' emotions.
    - strengthening the child's self-confidence.
    - strengthening internal motivation.
    - shaping emotional resistance.
    - building the ability to cope with failure.
  • Creating conditions for developing independence, taking responsibility for oneself and for the immediate environment.
  • Developing physical fitness.
  • Shaping observation skills, facilitating understanding of phenomena occurring in the environment.
  • Stimulating cognitive curiosity, encouraging research activity and expressing one's own thoughts and experiences.
  • Developing aesthetic sensitivity, creating conditions for the development of imagination, fantasy and artistic, musical and movement expression.

We invite you to visit our kindergarten!

Children will find a home atmosphere, wonderful teachers, delicious, healthy food, spacious rooms. The interiors are cosy (carpets, sofas, armchairs, blankets), natural (linen, wood) and calm (natural calm colours) - that is, a world adapted to their needs, supplemented with the best didactic methods, which will develop individual predispositions through play.

Our facilities

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In May 2019, our next facility in Wilanów (Miasteczko Wilanów) was opened. Our rooms are spacious (each about 50 m2), perfectly lit by natural light.

Our garden adjoins the kindergarten. The little ones stay in a beautiful, natural interior (linen, wood, wicker), in friendly and

natural colours (grey, pastels). We have a playground in the patio and a nearby playground at Klimczaka (4 minutes’ walk).

What Parents particularly appreciate is the fact that we have our own kitchen and tasty food prepared by us based on healthy products.

Konstancin Jeziorna

The kindergarten in Konstancin is situated in an exceptionally charming place: in a wooded area, by a lake, at the end of a quiet, closed street. Such conditions guarantee our children peace and rest in a friendly environment.

The facility is located in a detached building away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. The playground is large, equipped with certified toys adapted to the height and age of children. We have spacious rooms with bathrooms, adapted to the age of each of the 4 groups. The charges also use the 150-meter gym.

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The facility in Ursynów (Kabaty) is located in a spacious and well-lit building, on a residential street, which guarantees peace and quiet.

Children have 4 rooms at their disposal, over 50 m each, decorated in cosy and pastel colours. All of them have 2 bathrooms adapted to the age and needs of our little ones. Our groups have a maximum of 16 children and the youngest is a nursery group (2018-2019), which is the only one with the support of bilingual teacher. The other groups are looked after by native speakers only.

Close to the kindergarten, on the opposite side of the street, there is a large and well-equipped playground, which we use every day, alternating with walks around the area.


With the youngest in mind, we made sure that our kindergarten is located in an exceptionally friendly place surrounded by nature. Thanks to this, in spring and summer you can hear birds singing outside the window, which is not disturbed by heavy traffic, because we are intentionally located at the end of a quiet, closed street. In our private kindergarten and nursery in Żoliborz, we use an individual approach, treating each child as a unique personality. That is why we try to provide children with the most optimal conditions for development, so that they can reveal their hidden talents. We also support the self-confidence of our pupils, believing in their abilities and trying to show them support at every step, because each small step is a great achievement for us.

We would also like to emphasize that our private language kindergarten in Warsaw also focuses on the development of children's language skills. Especially that every young person has great potential, which our qualified staff of educators will actively support. The personal and professional development of each child is the most important goal in our teachers` work.

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