Polish core curriculum

In our kindergartens, we also take care to teach the children due to mutual care and empathy. We implement the Polish core curriculum based on recommended books linked with NVC's mission.

Ola i przyjaciele

Ola the giraffe and friends

Ola i przyjaciele

is a Polish preschool education program implemented in Little Academy kindergartens in accordance with the current core curriculum, which prepares children for their first steps in primary school through play and spontaneous experience.

The package is based on the concept of Nonviolent Communication, which is used in Little Academy Kindergartens. It makes preschoolers more sensitive to others, teaches them empathy, but also provides excellent tools for the teacher, which are a support for every day working with children during the year. Children and teachers are accompanied by a kind puppet Ola giraffe, who will surely gain their acceptance.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as empathic communication or the language of the heart, was created by the American psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg and aims to support dialogue between people and build societies based on empathy and taking into account the needs of all people. NVC helps to consciously express what we want to convey in order to increase the chance of establishing contact and understanding.