Little Academy an exclusive partner of the British Council Poland

We are proud to announce that the British Council has started cooperation with the English-speaking preschool Little Academy in providing classes in the British Council's proprietary preschool education program Learning Time with Timmy. This program is being implemented by the British Council in kindergartens in the European Union countries starting this school year.

Learning Time with Timmy is all about learning English through play. Activities with children include singing, storytelling, dancing, arts and crafts that introduce children to authentic English literature and encourage them to develop aspects of the language such as pronunciation, rhyme, rhythm, narration and sentence structure in a fun and natural way.

In order to provide our children with the highest level of early English language learning, we invited the British Council - an institution representing the United Kingdom in the field of cultural and educational cooperation, carrying out activities on six continents, in over 100 countries.

Learning Time with Timmy guarantees that our little ones learn English in accordance with the latest global trends set by the British Council.