Do you suspect you have COVID19?

If you have symptoms such as:

Call the nearest sanitary and epidemiological station or use the online consultation with your GP.

Symptoms of the COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-19) may also include:

If you have these symptoms:

If you returned from abroad before March 15th , i.e. before the announcement of compulsory quarantine for all returning travellers to Poland, and you are currently not subject to mandatory quarantine and you do not have symptoms of Covid 19 disease, check your health status every day for 14 days after returning to Poland. Take your temperature, pay attention to whether you are coughing or having difficulty breathing. Limit contact with others. Remember that you can have the disease asymptomatically and you can infect others.

If you observe any of the symptoms of the disease, call the sanitary and epidemiological station immediately. In addition to the epidemiological criteria, each patient presenting symptoms of an acute respiratory tract infection (fever above 38 ° C with cough or shortness of breath ) should be referred to the infectious or observational-infectious ward. If you observe such symptoms, take your own means of transport to a hospital with an infectious disease ward or observation and infectious disease ward. If you cannot reach the hospital with your own transport, the GP (as part of the online consultation) and the sanitary and epidemiological station can order medical transport for you.

If you have questions or doubts, call the National Health Fund hotline: 800 190 590.

Use reliable sources of information, do not panic.

List of sanitary stations and hospitals:

Take care of yourself and others!