Nursery and language kindergarten in Żoliborz

With the youngest in mind, we made sure that our kindergarten is located in an exceptionally friendly place surrounded by nature. Thanks to this, in spring and summer you can hear birds singing outside the window, which is not disturbed by heavy traffic, because we are intentionally located at the end of a quiet, closed street.


In our private kindergarten and nursery in Żoliborz, we use an individual approach, treating each child as a unique personality.


That is why we try to provide children with the most optimal conditions for development, so that they can reveal their hidden talents. We also support the self-confidence of our pupils, believing in their abilities and trying to show them support at every step, because each small step is a great achievement for us.

We would also like to emphasize that our private language kindergarten in Warsaw also focuses on the development of children's language skills. Especially that every young person has great potential, which our qualified staff of educators will actively support. The personal and professional development of each child is the most important goal in our teachers` work.

We offer our pupils both nursery and kindergarten care.

Nursery department:


    • Year 2020 (minimum 12 months) and 2019
    • Group size max 16 children
    • Number of caregivers (bilingual teacher, native speaker who does not speak Polish, assistant who does not speak Polish)
    • Bilingual group (Polish teacher, minimum communication in Polish, basic communication in English)
    • Montessori elements
    • Basic psychological care

Pre-school department

    • Rok urodzenia 2020 chwilowo,  połączona aktualnie z 2019
    • Rok urodzenia 2019 chwilowo, do uzyskania większej liczebności grupy, połączona z rocznikiem 2020
    • Rok urodzenia 2018 chwilowo, do uzyskania większej liczebności grupy, połączona z rocznikiem 2017
    • Rok urodzenia 2017 chwilowo, do uzyskania większej liczebności grupy, połączona z rocznikiem 2018
    • Rok urodzenia 2016 chwilowo, do uzyskania większej liczebności grupy, połączona z rocznikiem 2015
    • Rok urodzenia 2015 chwilowo, do uzyskania większej liczebności grupy, połączona z rocznikiem 2017

    • Group size of 16-18 children
    • Number of teachers- 2 Native Speakers who do not speak Polish (Teacher and assistant)
    • Polish for 0.5h a day (a Polish teacher enters the group for 0.5h)
    • British Council teacher - as an additional teacher
    • Core curricula: British Curriculum Base, Polish Curriculum Base, British Council Program Learning Time with Timmy
    • Montessori elements
    • Preparation for primary school as declared by parents
      •  English-speaking
      • Polish
    • Basic psychological care and speech therapy
    • Methodical care

The nursery and kindergarten have 4 beautiful, spacious, well-lit rooms equipped with high-quality sensory, wooden and fabric toys. The interior is very cosy, which gives the children a feeling of home atmosphere. Our home cooking guarantees healthy, wholesome meals and energy to have energy all day long.

The branch in Żoliborz has its own spacious playground, located at the kindergarten . We go outside every day, even twice.


ul. Rydygiera 13B
01-793 Warszawa (Żoliborz)

tel.: +48 695 777 314

Director of the Żoliborz branch


Director of the Kindergarten

Przedszkole Żoliborz

I would like to create a unique place where children will be cared for and feel safe. For twelve years I have been working in education and higher education as a teacher, educator and manager. I am a doctor of humanities, a Polish philologist, a literary scholar, I completed my master's and doctoral studies at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, as well as post-graduate studies in the organization and management of education and training in social skills. I am currently doing postgraduate studies in pedagogical therapy. When working with children, I focus on following their needs and developing their potential on a multi-dimensional basis.  


Teachers of the youngest group

I am a Polish teacher of the youngest group in Little Academy Żoliborz. I finished my bachelor's degree in the field of pedagogy, with a specialization in pre-school and early school education. I am interested in sensory integration, which was also the topic of my thesis. I am qualified teacher and work in kindergarten has no secrets to me.

 I especially like taking care of young children, this is my passion. I value security the most. I am a creative teacher and children in my environment will surely develop in a friendly atmosphere, great fun and with a smile.

The teacher of the youngest group in the Żoliborz language kindergarten