Bilingual preschool


All-day care by Native Speakers

Methodology and teaching by the greatest authority in the world

Own kitchen and helthy food

Your Child will speak fluent English

4 years program

Little Academy is a bilingual preschool in which your child will take full advantage of the natural, children’s linguistic absorption. Only at this time, your child can learn language so intuitively and contextually, without learning the theory of grammar.

In each group, for hole days Native Speaker takes care of children – it is over 8 hours a day of communication in English.

Get to know the details of the Early Years Plus program which the British Council implements in our preschool – it is guarantee that our toddlers learn English according to the latest global trends determined by the British Council.

How to enroll your child?

It is very easy! Just write or call us!

Advantages of Little Academy – your bilingual preschool

Fluent English communication – we guarantee that after 4 years in Little Academy your child will speak fluently

Excellent preparation for further education in English or Polish schools

Little Discovers Program based on Montessori Padagogy – getting to know the surrounding world through practical experience

Healthy food – our own kitchen and tasty healthy meals

Small groups – up to 16 children

Perfect space– spacious well-lit rooms with bathrooms, nature surroundings: forest, lake, large well-equipped playground, large garden, big gymnastic room

Our great staff


Native speaker


Native speaker

Little Discovers Program based on Montessori Padagogy – getting to know the surrounding world through practical experience like:

  • A new plant – cocoa – show how the cocoa seed look like, they will grind it in a mortar, taste, melt the chocolate, pour it into the form, decorate composition (nuts, dry fruits) and then cool it down
  • New fact – skin colours – we will paint child’s faces in black, white, yellow, red, we will show pictures of people in different skin colours, show on the map where someone lives, next teacher will tell everyone has a different skin colour but everyone is nice, equal and you can be friends with them
  • New phenomenon – water concentrations – we will show how snow melts, make experience with the condensation of water and melt of ice cubes in warm water and show how steam becomes wather


ul. Łąkowa 38
05-520 Konstancin Jeziorna

WILANÓW branch
ul. Osi Królewskiej
02-797 Warszawa

URSYNÓW branch
Aleja Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 49
02-797 Warszawa

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