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Little Academy – the English speaking preschool

The mission of Little Academy is to take opportunity of natural, children’s language absorption. Only in preschool age your toddler can learn language so quickly, intuitively and contextually, without learning the theory of grammar.

The methodology has been refined for many years and used in several dozen countries. The program was created especially for the youngest children aged 2-6. Thanks to the partnership with the world’s greatest authority in the field of English language teaching, you have guarantee that your child will learn the language already in preschool.

If you want your child to continue studying at a Polish, bilingual or English-language school , Little Academy is an ideal place for your child. We will prepare your child to enter the Polish or English education easily.

Our Native Speakers will be with your child throughout the whole days, providing permanent English-speaking communication. Every day we also implement the Polish curriculum of the Ministry of National Education.

You are what you eat – a healthy and own made food in Little Academy preschool

Healthy meals are our highest goal.

The food served to our puppies is based on high quality products, given in moments after preparation. If we serve yogurt, it is a natural yogurt with mixed fruit (not product from the store), if we serve a dough, we prepare it ourselves with a 1 day shelf life. Soup cook on turkey not on chicken. Our menu is rich in fruits and vegetables, meat is served up to three times a week. The basis of meals are porridge, rice, we do not use sugar or any artificial flavor enhancers and processed products.

Regularly during culinary workshops, we introduce children to the principles of healthy nutrition, and also teach why it is worth eating healthy.

Children will find a homely atmosphere with us, wonderful aunties, delicious, healthy food, spacious halls. The interiors are cozy (carpets, sofas, armchairs, blankets), natural (linen, wood) and calm (calm colors) – a world adapted to their needs, complemented by the best didactic methods that will develop individual predispositions by playing.

We invite you to visit our place


In May 2019, our next branch in Wilanów begins. Our rooms are spacious (each about 50m2), perfectly illuminated by natural light. Our garden is adjacent to the kindergarten. Puppies are in a beautiful natural interior (flax, wood, wolf), in friendly natural colors (gray, pastels). We have a playground in the patio and a nearby playground at Klimaczaka (4 minutes walk).

What Parents particularly value is the fact, that we have on made and healthy food prepared by us and based on healthy products.

Konstancin Jeziorna

Our preschool in Konstancin Jeziorna is located in an exceptionally charming place: in a wooded area, by a small lake, at the end of a quiet, closed street. Such conditions guarantee our children peace and rest in a friendly environment. The facility is located in a detached building, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The playground is large, equipped with attested toys adapted to the height and age of children. We have spacious rooms with bathrooms, adapted to the age of each of the 4 groups. We also use the 150-meter gym.


Łąkowa 38
05-520 Konstancin Jeziorna

WILANÓW branch
Sarmacka 12F
02-797 Warsaw Wilanów

URSYNÓW branch
Wąwozowa 28F
Warszawa - Ursynów Kabaty

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