What is language immersion?

Czym jest immersja językowa

Linguistic immersion, or "immersion" in language, is a method based primarily on listening to the language - statements about everyday activities, songs, stories. At Little Academy preschools, we "dive every day" 😊 without time limits!  

Initially, the child only listens to the speech of the teacher using a foreign language, and after some time, when he has accumulated a sufficiently large number of words, he also begins to speak the foreign language independently, imitating the teacher.

 This method focuses primarily on listening and speaking. In the later stages of learning, we develop the child's reading and writing skills in English.

The most important advantages of language immersion in teaching children:

  • possibility of being in an environment where English is used
  • a higher cognitive level of a child focused on intuitive absorption of knowledge from the environment
  • no fatigue and study, as in the case of traditional classes
  • this method does not require special skills and abilities to learn the language
  • language immersion combines learning with fun, so learning is much easier and more effective

Language immersion in Little Academy

The language immersion method works very well in Little Academy Kindergartens because our children stay in an English-speaking environment with native speakers all day long.  

Dziecko słuchające codziennie wypowiedzi w języku angielskim zaczyna stopniowo poszerzać zasób własnych słów, wiążąc je z konkretnymi sytuacjami i przedmiotami, dlatego z czasem  łatwiejsze jest dla niego inicjowanie rozmowy z native speakerem.

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