The world is full of viruses.

The world is full of viruses. We have been in contact with them for centuries. We have also been dealing with epidemics caused by viruses so the situation today is therefore nothing new.

Viruses look different and behave differently, but they all have one thing in common - they are all so tiny that we cannot pick them up by our eye.

So how do we know what they look like?

Well, specialists look at viruses through electron microscopes,

devices that magnify the image millions of times.

It is named because it looks like wearing a crown.

 And who knows, maybe the coronavirus even feels like a king? Because it is so brazen about the world.

Additionally, it multiplies very quickly, so there are more of these little villains every day ...

...and more...

and more.

We wonder how it is that he is so fast and mobile and that he wanders around the world so briskly.

Where is he doing best?
In the secretions of our body:

When we talk, cough or sneeze, we throw it outside, but the virus does not worry about it at all. He will soon find a new, warm place. And it will infect other people by the way ...

He does not have to cope alone: we help him on this journey and we do not even know about it.

It is enough for someone to cover their mouth with their hands while coughing or sneezing, and then touch the door handle, stair railing or elevator button.

First, the virus will land on his hand, and then switch from there to anything he touches.

It can also hit food.

How does a person feel when the virus settled in his body?

He has a fever, coughs and complains of muscle aches.

Breathing is much harder for him than before infection.

Sometimes he has a sore throat or headache.

Some patients feel as if they have eaten something stale - they experience diarrhoea and vomiting.

Unfortunately, specialists have still not managed to defeat the coronavirus. Therefore, we must protect ourselves against it. It is worth remembering that everyone has an influence on what is happening around us and can reduce the danger that awaits us.

You too!

It is known that none of us - neither you nor I - will wear

coverall, protective glasses, gloves and mask,

just like doctors or other people who have contact with sick people.

So what can you do to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus?

First of all, wash your hands often.

Not only when you get home, but also in other situations, such as blowing your nose.

Coronaviruses are afraid of soap. To chase them away, it is worth washing your hands thoroughly and scrubbing them for no less than

20 seconds

- it's about as long as it would take you to sing the song .

By washing your hands, you can also imagine how the virus is gone.

When you cough or sneeze

do not cover your mouth with your hand.

Because even if you try hard, your hand will soon go to other objects and leave viruses on them i.e., to the door handle and tap, if you want to run to the bathroom after sneezing and wash your hands.

It is better to sneeze into the elbow.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth - the coronavirus loves these places and this is where it enters the body.

Don't pick your nose.


Use only disposable wipes to clean your nose

which you then throw into the bin.

You are not coughing?
You do not sneeze?
You do not have a fever?

Very good!

But remember that the coronavirus does not show up right away. At first, it sits in the body as quietly as a mouse under a broom, and the person it attacks feels great. He has no idea that he is infected and that it infects others.

If you do not have to go anywhere, stay at home.

Do it for yourself and your loved ones.

Especially for grandmother, grandfather or the gray-haired lady neighbour. Because the coronavirus is especially dangerous for the elderly! So you better not visit them now.

You can call your grandparents instead.

Thanks to frequent conversations you will miss yourself less. Do not forget ask if grandparents have everything what they need, especially food or medicines. They should stay now at home too, but you can help them by leaving their purchases next to the door.

It will help you to know that you can rely on the support of parents and other adults.

Remember about your pet, play with it and take care of it as usual. Someone said that you can catch the coronavirus from a dog or cat?

Don't worry - it's just a rumour!

However, if you do meet someone outside your family, stay within two meters (which is about five of your steps).

The virus cannot travel that distance.

And remember: such meetings should be as rare as possible.

Do not go to the playgrounds,

even though you probably love to swing, slide down the slide or jump on the trampoline. Even if you are already very bored at home, and it is getting warmer and more sunny outside.

The more children, the more viruses will happily jump from one little hand to another. That is why, during an epidemic,

all schools and kindergartens are closed.

A lot depends on the behaviour of each of us, no matter how old we are.

You can become a coronavirus killer too.

You have that power!

Dear Readers, the book you have in front of you was created out of the need of the heart and willingness to help. The situation related to the coronavirus pandemic is difficult to understand - fear and panic often prevail. We hope that this publication will help you and, above all, your children understand what really happened, what the epidemic is, what is the coronavirus and how to avoid it.

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