Little Academy is a British Council partner.

We are proud to announce that the British Council has started a partnership with Little Academy preschool to conduct classes in the British Council Learning time with Timmy curriculum. This program is being implemented by the British Council in preschools in the European Union since the current school year. Learning time with Timmy is primarily about learning English through fun. Children’s classes include singing, storytelling, dance, art and craft that bring children to authentic English literature and encourage them to develop aspects of language such as pronunciation, rhythm, rhythm, narration and sentence structure in a fun and natural way.

British Council

The British Council is an institution representing the United Kingdom in the field of cultural and educational co-operation. On the Polish market there is 75 years. Won the title of Global Brand of the Year 2016 in education child. He works on six continents and in more than 100 countries, including our preschool. With Learning Time with Timmy curriculum, we give children the opportunity to learn the language according to the basis of the British early learning standard.

Learning Time with Timmy Program guaranntees that our pupils learn English according to the latest global trends determined by the British Council.

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