General information

Polish Curriculum Ministry of National Education – Children are perfectly prepared to polish primary school  

British Curriculum – Children are perfectly prepared to english speaking primary schools. We basen on Cambridge University Press (4 years old – Reception level, 5 years old – Year 1 level). 

The British Council Curriculum Learning time with Timmy – preparation of children to start education in an English-speaking primary school (American, British or Canadian School). Little Academy has exclusivity for this curriculum in Poland. 

Our Curriculum Little Discovery – awakening in children interest in science, the world, surrounding phenomena through practical experience.Like:

  • A new plant – cocoa – show how the cocoa seed look like, they will grind it in a mortar, taste, melt the chocolate, pour it into the form, decorate composition (nuts, dry fruits) and then cool it down
  • New fact – skin colors – we will paint child’s faces in black, white, yellow, red, we will show pictures of people in different skin colors, show on the map where someone lives, next teacher will tell everyone has a different skin color but everyone is nice, equal and you can be friends with them
  • New phenomenon – water concentrations – we will show how snow melts, make experience with the condensation of water and melt of ice cubes in warm water and show how steam becomes water

Faculty activities

As part of the tuition fees

  • British Council: Learning Timme with Timmy
  • Rhythmicity
  • Small Cook
  • Little Discovers
  • Theatre for children/li>
  • Art
  • Interesting guests

Extra paid

  • Egurrola Dance
  • Ceramics
  • Sport Club Konstancin
  • Piano
  • Trips

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