Tasks and goals


  • Implementation of the Polish Programmatic Basis of the Ministry of National Education – preparation of children to start education in a Polish primary school
  • mplementation of the British Council Leatning Time Program with Timmy – preparation of children to start education in an English-speaking primary school (American School, British School, Canadian School)
  • Implementation of elements of Montessori Pedagogy as part of the proprietary Little Discovery Program – awakening in children interest in science, the world, surrounding phenomena through practical experience
  • Taking care of children and their safety.
  • Bringing the psychophysical development of the child to a level that allows learning at school


  • the ultimate aim is the welfare of the child
  • support individual development of the child using his innate capabilities,
  • Raising children bold, self-confident, open to changes,
  • shaping the attitudes of the child in relation to other people, the world, attitudes
  • Developing emotional intelligence:
    – to recognize and name their own emotions and other
    – strengthening the child’s faith in their own strength
    – strengthening internal motivation
    – the formation of emotional resilience
    – building skills to cope with failure.
  • Creating conditions for development of autonomy, taking responsibility for themselves and immediate surroundings
  • Development of physical fitness.
  • Developing observation skills, facilitating the understanding of the phenomena occurring in the environment.
  • Fostering cognitive curiosity, encouraging research activities and express their own thoughts and experiences.
  • Developing aesthetic sensitivity, creating conditions for the development of imagination, fantasy and artistic expression, music and movement.

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